Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Hey friends!  It has been a while since I've featured any makeup item, but I finally got my hands on something that I've been wanting to try for a long time.  The item I'm talking about is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation.

This item may or may not seem new to you because this has been in the market for a while now.  But, I wanted to wait for the right time to pick it up which turned out to be now as we transition into fall.  I tested this item at Sephora where the makeup artist/salesperson tried to sell me the Stila Stay All Day Forever Foundation & Concealer.  Of course, I was only interested in the Urban Decay foundation but she did a good job in almost convincing me to purchase the Stila product instead.

The Naked Skin Foundation is weightless and leaves your skin looking natural, illuminated and bright. The formula is paraben-free which creates a flawless, demi-matte finish.  This is my first foundation (from Urban Decay) that is not completely matte.  The packaging makes the bottle look expensive (retail price $38 at UD website), but is conveniently just a plastic bottle with a pump.  You need to shake the bottle in order for the formula to mix well.  Pump with caution because the foundation is runny!  There is a total of 18 shades (which is outstanding!).  The shading system makes it easy to pick an accurate foundation for all skin tones between warm skin tones (ending in ".0") and cool skin tones (ending in ".5").

Overall, this is a good, everyday foundation.  This has no SPF so keep that in mind.  Since this is lightweight, the foundation is buildable and you may need to start with 2 pumps for medium coverage.  The texture is silky and feels like you're not wearing foundation at all.  Around the 4-4.5 hour mark, I started to get a tad bit oily in my T-zone and areas where I applied more foundation started to fade.  So, I highly suggest touching up your makeup after a few hours.  This foundation is a great addition to what I already have and am happy with the results.

Let me know if you are liking this foundation from Urban Decay!

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