Sunday, October 7, 2012

Makeup Review: Sonia Kashuk Instructional Eye Shadow Palette

I bought this eye palette at a recent haul and am happy to share my opinion with you.

This can be found at Target from the brand Sonia Kashuk who has a great variety of makeup items at a reasonable price.  This eye palette is an instructional eye kit called Eye on Dazzling Color, where all 12 shades compliment each other for the perfect fall and holiday look.  This retails (online and in-store) at $19.99 and comes with an instruction guide to creating 3 different looks that you can pull out from the side.  This doesn't come with a mirror which is a downfall (in my opinion).  But overall, this has good staying power, solid pigmentation and smooth texture when applied.

This palette has a beautiful, seasonal mixture of metallic and shimmer shades so to all you matte eyeshadow lovers, this is not for you.  The first column starts with a white pearl highlight in which you only need a little when applied under your brow bone.  The following colors down the column (maroon, cinnamon brown, dark brown) are great when used in the crease to give your eye a smokey look.  The second column is all shimmer and is deeply compacted into the individual pans.  The first color (champagne) is versatile for any look.  Under that, the rest of the colors are nice additions when you want your eyes to really shine.  I suggest applying these colors either wet or with your fingers.  The third column has jewel-tone colors.  Starting off with a dark sand color, the following colors (eggplant, emerald, gunmetal) are great for the perfect hint of color or deep smokey eyes.

After some swatching and color combining, I wanted to test how long the colors would last with and without an eye primer.  Keep in mind that I don't have oily eyelids, but I always use a primer.  I primed one of my eyelids using Tarte Creaseless 12-hr Smoothing Eye Primer and created a brown and purple look for the day.  I used 5 shadows to create my look and took pictures throughout the day.  After wearing the look for a little over 8 hours, there was no significant signs of creasing or color fading on the eyelid without primer.  So, this kit is universal for all kinds of eyelids whether oily or not.

My right eye has eye primer and my left eye does not.  Time start at 10:30AM

8.5 hours later...

Not much noticeable creasing or fading in color for both eyes.  Great staying power! Time end at 7PM

If you're starting to think about holiday presents (what?! it's only October), I believe this is a great for any person who is a make-up junkie.

Let me know if you have tried this!

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  1. I stare at this palette every time I go to Target! Soooo tempting!


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