Sunday, October 14, 2012

Makeup Series | "Free Mini Kits" | Tarte

Here's another addition to this series I created for the month of October called "Free Mini Kits".  I'll be featuring makeup samples and kits that tend to not be used on a daily (or if ever) basis.  Personally, I love collecting samples because they're free most of the time.  But, that also means that these items will most likely be never used.  Same goes for makeup kits where the interest of only trying 1 item means the others will be forgotten.

This item is a makeup kit from Tarte that I purchased on back in 2010.  I believe this was my first kit I ever purchased.  This kit came with a trio-eyeshadow palette, shadow/liner, brow mousse, mascara, cheek stain and lip gloss.  Of all the 6 items, the quality and lasting ability is great.  The colors are great for a natural look and gives your face a nice, fresh look.  Even though this didn't come with a foundation, I can only imagine that Tarte offers great foundation options.  After finally digging up these items, I'm happy to say that I started using them especially the eyeshadow and shadow/liner.  You can pick up these items individually wherever Tarte items are sold.

Tune in throughout the month and see what other items I'll be featuring!

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