Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Get Ready With Me: Coral & Brown for the Day

I've been in a coral crush lately and my makeup can stand up for that.  Every time I see a coral makeup product, I get this sudden urge to purchase it.  Coral has become such a spring/summer fashion and beauty statement.  There's a great range as to how deep or soft you want coral to be.  Well, I've been mixing the colors coral and peach and have created a soft, daytime look that's very easy.

I have a video posted on my YouTube channel for steps to re-create this look.  Items I used are listed below.

- Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream (light/medium)
- MAC Oil Control Lotion
- NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (Stromboli)
- Maybelline Erase Dark Circles (medium)
- Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
- CK One Brow + Gel Duo (400 Crafty Raven)
- UD Naked Palette (Naked, Buck)
- UD 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil (Sin)
- UD Single Eyeshadows (Freelove, Secret Service)
- Tarte Multipleye Liquid Eyeliner
- Maybelline One by One mascara
- Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara
- Benefit Hoola bronzer
- MAC blush (Peaches)
- Mary Kay True Dimension Lipstick (Color Me Coral)
- Bobbi Brown lipgloss (pink lemonade)

Enjoy the video and this beautiful weather we've been having!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Tribute to Mothers

This post is dedicated to my daughter; she's the reason why I'm a mother.

On a plane to Boracay, Philippines 2012

For most of my life, I was always the responsible one among my group of friends.  I was the one whom everyone talked to for advise or just needed someone to hang out with.  I had motherly instincts that peaked my maturity beyond my age.  I guess my actions and instincts were just natural.  Looking back at it now, I feel that my "motherly" instincts were rubbed off from my grandmother who was the person everyone flocked to if ever they needed someone to talk to, someone to laugh at their jokes, or just needed pure company.  I still am that same person, but now my "motherly" instincts are put to the test by my 4 year old daughter on a daily basis.

When I hear my daughter say "mom" or "mama", my heart skips a beat because those words only have life in it when your own child says it.  On the day my daughter was born, it was such a crazy day in a sense that everything happened so quickly.  I think there was a point in the middle of the night after giving birth that I started crying hysterically due to the realization that I'm a mom.  I mean, the thought was lingering in my mind while I was in labor.  But, I just couldn't believe what happened to me knowing that my life has completely changed.

Kangaroo time with mommy at 2 weeks old
The restless nights, multiple trips to the hospital to see specialists and therapists, the expensive trips to Babies R' Us for a certain formula or diaper run and constant laundry are things you never learn in a motherhood book.  Granted I never picked up one, I had a lot of moms (including my own) coach me along the way.  It's even tougher when you're a mother to a premature baby.  My 2 lb 13 oz baby girl came into this world as a fighter.  She helped me become a stronger mother and person.  I was always by her side throughout her time at the hospital.  I always kept an eye on her when she first arrived home.  I was always paranoid for her health because she wasn't in an incubator anymore.  But I guess that's what moms do- we worry for our children.

Bride and flower girl 2011

Mom and me sipping mango shakes in Boracay 2012

My little girl means the world to me.  I bet my mom felt the same way when I was her little girl.  Being a mom is definitely the greatest gift.  I'm so grateful for my mom and teaching (still teaching) me to be a better person and mom.  I love my daughter and love being her mom.  So cheers to all you moms who love doing what you do!  We do have the toughest job out there, but only we can do it the best.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick in No.6 (Pink in Devotion) Review

I'm going to start apologizing now for this tardy post about one of my items I purchased during Sephora's Chic Week last month.  I have a few minutes at work to edit and finalize my thoughts on this item so here it goes...

When Sephora posted their "15% off all purchases" deal, I immediately thought of purchasing my first YSL lipstick.  I've been eyeing this product for such a long time and thank the beauty gods for bestowing this opportunity for me to take advantage of it.  Let me introduce my Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick in No. 6, or Pink in Devotion.  First the gold packaging (box and tube) is priceless and chic!  It's breathtaking and nothing compares to it.  Also, it's seductive in a sense that when you see that barrel, you know the woman who's applying the lipstick is fearless and knows what she wants.  Am I right?

I've been loving bright pink lipsticks lately, and this color hits the spot.  The lipstick is very hydrating, infused with vitamins for visible softer lips, and has a sweet scent that's not irritating but delightful.  It lasts only a few hours, but I don't mind reapplying at all.  If it wasn't for Chic Week, I would've waited for this baby till Christmas or my birthday.  Even though I'm working now, I would've needed a real good excuse to buy this lipstick (ahem, I have bills and school loans to pay just like every other person out there).

Anyway, I really love this color.  It really compliments my skin tone even though I haven't done any faux tanning (it's skirt season already).  When I wear this lipstick, I feel like I'm about to conquer the world whether I'm going food shopping, clothes shopping or just walking around town.  With any lipstick you own, you should always feel this way.  This lipstick comes in 19 shades and retails for $34 (at Sephora).  YSL is infamous for their other lipsticks, lip glosses highlighting pen, and other makeup items.  I figured I'll splurge on other items when I'm in the mood.  For now, I'll just stick to my lipstick.

It's Friday everyone!  Enjoy the weekend xoxo

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Makeup Review: Drugstore Exfoliating Apricot Towelettes

I've been working for about a month now and I think I've finally adjusted to my daily routine.  There are things I look forward to at work and other things I look forward to at home.  The biggest thing I look forward to while I'm at work about to head home (besides pay day) is getting rid of all the makeup and dirt on my face.  I have a simple routine when I come home from work where I immediately remove my makeup before anything else.  When you work long days in Manhattan and pile on top of that a rugged commute, all you want to do is wipe your face (and maybe body) clean.

I did a quick run to CVS last week in a mission to purchase makeup remover wipes.  I amwas a Neutrogena makeup wipes user until I saw the CVS ones that are about 50% cheaper.  I'm not sure how many different towelettes that are of the CVS brand, but the ones that I purchased are real interesting and have a sweet scent.  The Exfoliating Apricot towelettes are pre-moistened wipes that are oil-free and remove dirt and oil from pores.  One side of the apricot-scented towelette is smooth to remove makeup.  The other side has textured beads to gently exfoliate and deeply remove dirt from your pores.

For someone who deals with deep pores and acne-prone skin, these wipes pretty much take care of my nighttime skincare routine.  These wipes are not harsh on the skin and I haven't had a terrible breakout since using these.  With the Neutrogena wipes, I use it to remove all of my makeup including my eyes.  With the CVS wipes, I feel that the wipes are a bit rough to use on the eyes.  The only reason I say that is because the other side has the exfoliating beads.

Overall I'm pretty impressed by these wipes and certainly plan on purchasing more in the future.  Like I said earlier, I'm not sure about the number of towelette variations there are with the CVS brand.  If you're strolling through the beauty aisle of any CVS store, check out the CVS makeup towelettes.  These are pretty inexpensive so even if you have wipes, pick these up and just try them out.  All of my (face) makeup is removed leaving my face smooth as if I just washed it with a face cleanser.