Friday, May 10, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick in No.6 (Pink in Devotion) Review

I'm going to start apologizing now for this tardy post about one of my items I purchased during Sephora's Chic Week last month.  I have a few minutes at work to edit and finalize my thoughts on this item so here it goes...

When Sephora posted their "15% off all purchases" deal, I immediately thought of purchasing my first YSL lipstick.  I've been eyeing this product for such a long time and thank the beauty gods for bestowing this opportunity for me to take advantage of it.  Let me introduce my Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick in No. 6, or Pink in Devotion.  First the gold packaging (box and tube) is priceless and chic!  It's breathtaking and nothing compares to it.  Also, it's seductive in a sense that when you see that barrel, you know the woman who's applying the lipstick is fearless and knows what she wants.  Am I right?

I've been loving bright pink lipsticks lately, and this color hits the spot.  The lipstick is very hydrating, infused with vitamins for visible softer lips, and has a sweet scent that's not irritating but delightful.  It lasts only a few hours, but I don't mind reapplying at all.  If it wasn't for Chic Week, I would've waited for this baby till Christmas or my birthday.  Even though I'm working now, I would've needed a real good excuse to buy this lipstick (ahem, I have bills and school loans to pay just like every other person out there).

Anyway, I really love this color.  It really compliments my skin tone even though I haven't done any faux tanning (it's skirt season already).  When I wear this lipstick, I feel like I'm about to conquer the world whether I'm going food shopping, clothes shopping or just walking around town.  With any lipstick you own, you should always feel this way.  This lipstick comes in 19 shades and retails for $34 (at Sephora).  YSL is infamous for their other lipsticks, lip glosses highlighting pen, and other makeup items.  I figured I'll splurge on other items when I'm in the mood.  For now, I'll just stick to my lipstick.

It's Friday everyone!  Enjoy the weekend xoxo

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