Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Tribute to Mothers

This post is dedicated to my daughter; she's the reason why I'm a mother.

On a plane to Boracay, Philippines 2012

For most of my life, I was always the responsible one among my group of friends.  I was the one whom everyone talked to for advise or just needed someone to hang out with.  I had motherly instincts that peaked my maturity beyond my age.  I guess my actions and instincts were just natural.  Looking back at it now, I feel that my "motherly" instincts were rubbed off from my grandmother who was the person everyone flocked to if ever they needed someone to talk to, someone to laugh at their jokes, or just needed pure company.  I still am that same person, but now my "motherly" instincts are put to the test by my 4 year old daughter on a daily basis.

When I hear my daughter say "mom" or "mama", my heart skips a beat because those words only have life in it when your own child says it.  On the day my daughter was born, it was such a crazy day in a sense that everything happened so quickly.  I think there was a point in the middle of the night after giving birth that I started crying hysterically due to the realization that I'm a mom.  I mean, the thought was lingering in my mind while I was in labor.  But, I just couldn't believe what happened to me knowing that my life has completely changed.

Kangaroo time with mommy at 2 weeks old
The restless nights, multiple trips to the hospital to see specialists and therapists, the expensive trips to Babies R' Us for a certain formula or diaper run and constant laundry are things you never learn in a motherhood book.  Granted I never picked up one, I had a lot of moms (including my own) coach me along the way.  It's even tougher when you're a mother to a premature baby.  My 2 lb 13 oz baby girl came into this world as a fighter.  She helped me become a stronger mother and person.  I was always by her side throughout her time at the hospital.  I always kept an eye on her when she first arrived home.  I was always paranoid for her health because she wasn't in an incubator anymore.  But I guess that's what moms do- we worry for our children.

Bride and flower girl 2011

Mom and me sipping mango shakes in Boracay 2012

My little girl means the world to me.  I bet my mom felt the same way when I was her little girl.  Being a mom is definitely the greatest gift.  I'm so grateful for my mom and teaching (still teaching) me to be a better person and mom.  I love my daughter and love being her mom.  So cheers to all you moms who love doing what you do!  We do have the toughest job out there, but only we can do it the best.

Happy Mother's Day!

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