Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Beauty Makeup Haul

The beaming sun through my window is giving me energy to start my day on the right foot.  Also, it reminded me to post my latest beauty haul on my YouTube channel.  This is a massive haul of makeup products that I purchased towards the end of January.  The purpose of these items is to replace the makeup that I have finished or tossed out which turned out to be a lot.  Isn't that a reasonable excuse to purchase more makeup? LOL... Anyway, I'm starting to reach into my makeup caboodle (yes, I store a majority of my makeup in my leopard print case) and pull out items I haven't used in a while.

So, don't judge me for these purchases!  I already returned a couple of items because I have a duplicate from a previous purchase and/or its twin has been stashed away in my closet.  And others have turned out to be a disappointment or I just wanted my money back because buying into the label wasn't worth it.  Don't forget to check out the video!


♥ My husband and I are going to a beer convention tonight with a few friends.  I figured I'd be DD since I'm not a heavy drinker.  But later realized it'd be pointless for me to go if I go as DD.  So tonight we'll be sipping on beers from around the world.  Cheers to Beerfest!

♥ I'm constantly searching for a makeup vanity for my new house.  I've stumbled upon different kinds from a simple desk to very ornate ones that are over the top.  I want one that has a decent size mirror, a drawer under the table and maybe a side drawer so I don't have to purchase a lot of storage units.  Where can I find a decent vanity???

 I'm rooting for the Baltimore Ravens this weekend!!!

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