Sunday, January 27, 2013

Makeup Review: theBalm Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette

I received this palette during Christmas from my secret Santa with my cousins.  I first heard about this palette while watching Emilynoel83 (on Youtube) mention it in one of her holiday videos.  I immediately added this to my wish list and ... you know the rest.  I'm so happy that I have this palette and it's a great addition to my makeup collection.

This sleek palette comes with 12 eyeshadows, a blush, highlighter, 2 lipsticks/cheek stains, a palm-size mirror, and instructions to create different looks.  You can throw this palette into your purse or travel bag and there would be no damage at all.  This palette is very sturdy compared to other cardboard palettes that tend to be boxy and bulky.

The eyeshadows are playfully named after rock bands of our time.  A few of my favorite colors are Alice Copper (real name Alice Cooper, duh!), Allegro, The Stroke, and Third Eye Blinded.  The colors are creamy and can be applied either wet or dry.  This palette is ideal for any makeup look at any time of the day because this has the essential neutrals and enough accent colors to create a rockstar, smokey look.

The blush and highlighter are current favorites among a few Youtubers who own these beauties individually.  The blush is a light pink/coral color that reminds me of Benefit's Coralista.  The highlighter is a sheen gold and adds a nice tough to the cheekbones.  The lipsticks can be used as a cream blush, so the palette comes with 4 cheek items which is a nice addition.  If you wear the lipsticks, wear a lip balm underneath because it is a little dry (in my opinion).

Overall, this palette is awesome and makes me want to go on tour with a band! When you read the front and back of the palette, the description sounds like Rolling Stones made its own review of the palette.  This is a spunky palette, reasonably priced , and the best kick-ass addition in my collection.

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