Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NOTD: Zoya Kelly

My nail polish collection is a solid variety of colors with one thing in common: black handles.  This observation was noticed a while back when I started researching the "toxic trio" in nail polish.  Heads up: if you don't know what I'm talking about, type "toxic trio" in your search engine.  After researching different, harmful ingredients found in beauty products, I re-evaluated my makeup collection and wanted to make sure that every item I own wasn't doing any harm to my health.  I started on my nail polishes and since have changed my habits on reading the small, tiny printed labels.  This may or may not be for you, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion about the effects of beauty products to your health.  If I continue on this path, I may never reach my goal of the purpose to this post.

Moving forward- once clearing out any polish that contained the "toxic trio", what remained in my nail polish collection were colors that were either OPI or Butter London.  I adore both nail polish brands and have wanted to try a new brand that was "toxic trio" free.  I did intense research on healthy polishes and Zoya was part of the list.  This brand immediately struck my interest not only because it was "toxic trio" free, but it had a black handle!  It sounds lame, but I did a recent Zoya haul at my local Ulta and am so happy I did so.

This color is perfect for fall.  The gunmetal tone has a undertone of blue and purple.  There's no shimmer or shine, but looks bad-ass when the light reflects of off your nails.  Since this was my first Zoya polish, I was kinda upset that the application was kinda streaky.  It's not as consistent as OPI or Butter London with just one coat.  So you definitely need 2 (or maybe 3) solid coats.  Other than that, I'm glad that this shade is part of my nail collection.

Do you have this?  Let me know and happy painting!

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