Monday, September 24, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Hey friends!  Today's cosmetic highlight comes from the fabulous makeup store of MAC Cosmetics.  I was never a MAC girl until I started learning more about makeup earlier this year.  Whenever I pass by the MAC store, I just hear a church choir singing an angelic tune as the lights around the store get brighter and brighter.  It's makeup heaven to most people, but to others it's either over-priced or intimidating.  Whatever you may think, everything in the store is of great quality and I haven't experienced any let down (yet).

My latest lip candy is from the MAC Cremesheen+Pearl collection for Fall 2012.  This is my first "complete" lip collection where I have a lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss that pretty much compliment each other.  My heart was won over with the lipstick Shanghai Spice as it's a frosted neutral pink.  This shade is pretty close to my natural lip color so it's great to wear on a daily basis.  The topping of this lipstick is the lip gloss, or "glass", in Dynasty at Dusk.  This is a pink-coral color and has gold shimmer.    This applied over Shanghai Spice definitely pumps up the color and has a semi-sheer coverage.  Depending on how much you apply, this shade can really change the appearance of your lips.  It's non-sticky and the consistency is thin, but not runny.  I definitely need to re-apply after 2 hours, but I don't mind touching up my lips once in a while.  Lastly, if you're a lip liner person, another great addition to this trio is cremestick liner in Sublime Culture.  This is great as a base liner so that your lipstick is long lasting.  It's a soft muted pink that's creamy when lining your lips.  You definitely have to apply some effort when filling in your lips but that's what lip liners are.  It's not dry or rough on your lips.

MAC Shanghai Spice
MAC Dynasty at Dusk
Overall, I've been loving these 3 items lately.  I've been wearing 2 out of the 3 lip candies at weddings and most of my makeup videos.  I always carry these in my makeup bag in my purse.

Have you tried 1 out of the 3 items?  Or maybe you own all 3?  Let me know :)

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  1. The Dynasty color looks similar to Purrr by MAC... love it! Subtle and nice- has been looking great on you in all your pics!


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