Thursday, April 4, 2013

Makeup Buddy Trade Off

This past week has been so busy for me that I haven't had much time (if not any time) to film and update my blog. I just started a new job in Manhattan so of course, my 24 hours in a day has been consumed by work plus a 3 hour commute (round trip). I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but rather I'm grateful that I can now provide for my family again. I can finally pay off my financial burdens and buy more makeup... Nah, I have too much as it is.

So I've been obsessed with a few ladies on Instagram who have the best Chanel collection ever. I'm jealous of their makeup gems and all their friends who also have the same fascination with this high end brand. I wish money grew on trees so that I could try these beauties out. I know I could just pop over to a beauty counter and have someone put makeup on me. But I would at least want to leave that counter with a product so I would have made my time and the saleswoman's time worth it.  So I propose finding a  buddy/friend to trade off makeup items that I don't have. I've seen this done between nail buddies and now it's being done with makeup.

So if you want to become my makeup buddy (whether US or international), leave a comment below. I think this would be a great way to try out different products that aren't necessarily found at the drugstore or department store.

Let me know friends :)

Happy Thursday... I need a drink!

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