Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

This is a review of an eye cream I've been using for the past few days.  This comes from Origins where I was using their VitaZing moisturizer for a while.  I wanted to test another item from this brand to truly see how these products are.  I picked up the GinZing eye cream a while ago when I was in New York City.  Before I continue, please excuse the background of my pictures as this was taken on my bathroom counter...

GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream is "clinically-proven to instantly de-puff eyes and reduce dark circles". This 0.5 oz jar (retail price $30 at Sephora) contains coffee beans that provide antioxidants and age-fighting ingredients and ginseng that enhances vitality.  Meant to be used in the AM and throughout the day if needed, this pearly pink cream product gives the illusion of well-rested eyes.  Most of Origins skincare items are natural and are of organic ingredients healthy for your skin.

Usually before I purchase any makeup or skincare product, I do intense research as to whether or not it has received good reviews.  This eye cream was an impulse purchase based off of one person's positive review on YouTube.  After using this for a while, I wish I did my homework.  Before knowing what this product was all about, I was using it as a nighttime eye cream even though the directions clearly say "to use in AM".  The cream has a slight scent (if you smell the open jar close to your nose) and is lightweight that it instantly absorbs onto your skin.

My previous eye cream was Boscia's Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment which is awesome.  When I first started using that, I applied the cream directly underneath my eyes at night.  In the morning, my eye area would look like I was crying all night long.  Then I started to apply it along the orbital bone (the bone just above the cheekbone that circles underneath the eyes).  That's when I saw a difference in my eyes when applying the Boscia eye cream properly.  I expected the same results using the Origins product.  But alas, I saw no change in my under-eye area.  It does lighten up the darkness, but I still need to use a concealer.  I don't have heavy bags under my eyes, but it doesn't get covered up either.

Overall, I would not repurchase this product once I'm done with the jar (if ever I finish it).  I definitely plan on repurchasing the Boscia eye cream but I have another eye cream waiting to be tested.  Have you used Origins GinZing before?  Do you feel the same way about this product?

Let me know!

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