Monday, December 3, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Hi everyone and happy first Monday of December!  I know that my blog (and YouTube channel) has been very quiet throughout November, but I was out of the country for 2.5 weeks.  Before leaving for vacation, Hurricane Sandy put me under the radar with no power for almost a week.  Despite that, I'm excited to share with you the beauty goodies that I found while away.  I talk about my trip in my latest video which I'll link below.

While in Hong Kong...
- I was eager to purchase (unique) beauty products while in Hong Kong for 3 days.  I wanted beauty products that were of brands not sold in the US plus branded towards Asian skin tones.  Somehow nothing really caught my attention except for the "eyelash bar" at the local drugstore called Sasa.  This bar contained a wide array of false eyelashes plus different lash glues, contraptions to apply the lashes and containers to store them whenever on the go.  The natural looking lashes were a good bargain ($10 for 2 packets of lashes that are a total of 11 sets).  Not bad right?

While in the Philippines...
- The Face Shop: I was happy to pop into this store towards the end of the trip once everyone was tired of shopping.  This cosmetics store is quite popular and carries cosmetics brands that come from Korea, Japan, China, etc.  Despite not being able to read the directions and ingredients in Asian characters, it's not hard to figure out what you like/dislike and what catches your eyes.  I purchased a BB cream from Lovely Me:ex which I have yet to wear.  This was the only BB cream that when tested on the back of my hand, it didn't turn my hand completely white.  Once my tan from my trip begins to fade, I'll definitely give this a try.  Next item I got was a waterproof "everyday" mascara from Face it.  I purchased this because I was intrigued by the "peanut" shape brush.  I already tested this and it's definitely not my favorite because it clumps.  I started getting into cheek/lip stains and luckily I stumbled upon this lip tint (Lovely Me:ex) that leaves my lips cherry stained.  There's no need to re-apply and it doesn't leave your lips feeling dry.  One thing that caught my eye was this waterproof gel eyeliner (Lovely Me:ex).  The color I got was black with gold shimmer.  The color pay-off is more intense than another eye kohl pencil I have that's the same color (Jouer Long-Wearing Eye Definer in noir).  It's waterproof and smudgeproof (which these claims are true!).  Lastly I couldn't leave the store without a new lipstick.  I'm unsure of the brand, but it's a dusty pink/ mauve color that makes your lips look next-to-nothing all natural.

- BYS: While walking around Mall of Asia (which is ginormous!) with some of my extended family members, there were a few beauty kiosks right next to a runway hair event that occurred later that evening.  I took a stroll through the stands and wanted to get my hands on something.  I came across this brand which is actually Australian and was introduced to the Philippines a couple of months ago.  I wasn't able to test these eyeshadow palettes, but told myself to purchase it before I regret it.  The smaller palette is 8 matte shades that are perfect for smokey eyes.  The bigger palette is a wide range of 36 shimmery shades.  This palette caught my attention first because the colors all look jewel-toned.

Yves Rocher: The name of this brand instantly caught my attention in which I did not hesitate to look around at all the beauty items from skin and hair care, cosmetics, fragrances and bath.  Nothing really interested me except for the different shades of lipsticks.  This particular lipstick is moisturizing, creamy, satiny and non-sticky.  The shade I have is called rose cannelle and it's absolutely stunning!

So this is pretty much my beauty hall while on vacation.  I'll definitely feature these products throughout the month for holiday looks.

Thanks for reading through this!

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