Thursday, August 30, 2012

Product Showdown: Setting Spray

I've been building up my makeup collection since the beginning of the year and have dedicated a lot of time in researching the pros, cons and differences between items that serve the same purpose.  After all of my purchases and will power to avoid buyer's remorse, I decided to do a showdown between items that serve the same purpose but have different labels.  So here we go!

First up is Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.  This product can be purchased in travel size at 0.34 fl oz, normal size at 4 fl oz, or XL size at 6 fl oz.  The retail price is $12, $29 and $34, respectively (based on the Urban Decay website).  You can purchase this online or at any beauty store that sells Urban Decay (for me, my local Ulta, Macys and Sephora).  As the name of this product implies, this setting spray is meant to set your makeup once applied.  You can spritz this all over your face after applying your face makeup (foundation, concealer, powder, etc.) or once you're done applying all of your makeup.  Just shake the bottle and spray a few inches over your face.  Let it dry for a bit and then you're set.  Easy as pie!  Another addition to this line of setting sprays is that it comes in 3 different types: All Nighter which is the original and great for all skin types, De-Slick for those with oily skin, and Dew Me for those with dry or combination skin.  The sizes and prices are the same as All Nighter.

The challenger is Model in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray.  This product can only be purchased in one size at 2 fl oz and can be purchased at $18.  You can purchase this through the company's website or any bargaining website (I purchased mine plus other items on HauteLook) or, if lucky, at any makeup show such as IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show).  The packaging is a glass bottle with a frosty finish and has a gold cap.  Just like the Urban Decay setting sprays, the directions on this product says to "close eyes and spray evenly about 10-12 inches away from face.  Allow 20-30 seconds to dry before opening eyes".  This spray seals your makeup and is resistant to smudging, humidity, water and tears.  It's long lasting and leaves your face with a matte finish.

And the verdict is...Urban Decay wins in the setting spray category!  First off, Model in a Bottle is over-hyped.  It sucks that you can only purchase this online and it has a horrible powdery scent.  It's pretty strong that the scent lingers not only on your face, but in the room.  Definitely hold your breath when spritzing your face because if you inhale while spraying, your nose will hate you for a while.  As I mentioned earlier, I purchased this through HauteLook.  The deal (at the time) was $10 for the 2 fl oz bottle.  I decided to purchase 2 bottles ($20 for 4 fl oz) since the price and size is comparable to the Urban Decay All Nighter spray ($29 for 4 fl oz).  After assembling the bottle, I couldn't remove the cap.  With all my strength, it just wouldn't budge.  It came to a point that the whole gold top came off and all that was left was the spray tube with no nozzle.  I had to transfer the bottle into an empty, travel size spray bottle.  The other bottle is sitting in the back of my closet.

Overall, setting spray is setting spray.  I've gone through 2 travel size bottles of All Nighter.  Even though I have oily/combination skin, I have yet to try De-Slick but assume I'll get the same results as All Nighter.  Maybe my next purchase will be the XL size so that I can transfer it to the travel size bottle once I'm done with Model in a Bottle.

What are your thoughts on what I just showcased?  Let me know!

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