Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Hey friends!  It's been a while since I've posted something but here I am.  If you follow me on YouTube, I did a Haul video of a few products I've purchased online.  I finally opened one of my purchases and tested the products to make sure it was worth every penny.

The Bobbi Brown Instant Pretty Collection was last month's QVC Today's Special Value (TSV).  This kit comes with 7 products including a full size face palette that comes in 5 different shades.  Before I purchased this, the only Bobbi Brown item I owned was the long-wear gel eyeliner in black ink.  This was my first gel eyeliner which I was really (still am) happy with.  I wasn't sure what new Bobbi Brown product I wanted to get my hands on.  Luckily, I was watching QVC that day and voila!  I placed an order before the shade I ordered sold out.

The summer has been about "au naturale" and this kit delivers.  The natural colors in this kit goes well with any complexion where the end result looks effortless.  Your look is pretty hands on as the kit does not come with makeup brushes.  In the face palette, the foundation, concealer and corrector are creamy so your fingers are your best tools.  When you apply the corrector and concealer, you immediately see your eyes brighten and the dark circles and fine lines fade away.  The mascara is very lengthening after applying 2 coats.  The 2 lip glosses compliment each other and are great shades all year round.  To complete my eyes, I applied my gel eyeliner and NYX false eyelashes.

After wearing this look for a few hours, I'm happy with the overall look.  It was worth every penny!  The shade I purchased is natural which turns out to be too light for the summer.  Other than that, this kit can still be purchased on the QVC website.  Let me know if you like my look.

 Look, @BobbiBrown retweeted me!  Cloud 9 :)

Side Note: I've been watching Team USA at the Olympics like a hawk.  Really excited to see more action from men/women basketball team, men/women beach volleyball, women volleyball and women soccer.  Go #TeamUSA!

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